Mason Pavement Marking has been keeping the parking lots and driveways of Muskoka clear for years. Our state of the art trucks keep us moving snow in even the worst of snow storms. By using the latest technology we can provide snow removal whether its the heavy wet, slushy snow or the Muskoka mountains that come our way all winter. Helping our clients benefit with quick response times is Job #1. At Mason Pavement Marking we understand your needs and the importance of getting the snow out of your driveway so you have vehicle access to the roads for general needs, important things like getting to work or the need to get out of your driveway in emergencies.

We use state-of-the-art snow plows and snow blowers to take care of your snow removal needs. While snow removal has turned into a large service business, we add only a fraction of new clients every season. It is our belief that our clients prefer quick service without damage, rather than being placed on an extensive list with many other clients spread over a large region. So while the opportunities are there, we have opted to grow at a slower pace to ensure that our clients each year are "return" clients.



Our snow removal service is prompt and reliable. We are there to get the job done. Call us for an estimate on your snow removal needs.