As our name suggests, pavement marking has been the core of our business for many years. Although we have expanded our services to provide our clients with "one stop shopping", pavement marking remains our number one provided service for which we cover all of Ontario except the very far reaches north of Sault Ste. Marie and Kirkland Lake. Whether your lot requires repainting, a new layout, added stencils or a complete re-design, we have the most up to date equipment and skilled resources to provide you with the best service possible. From a quaint corner store to a huge "big box" retail outlet we provide the best service possible. Road markings in a small village to an entire geographic district, we have the trained manpower, the equipment and the management to complete the job on time, on budget and with no surprises. We can also put a new sport court in a school yard or paint safety lines on a plant floor to delineate fork lift lanes.

Attention Property Managers!
Mason Pavement Marking has the equipment and manpower to re-stripe your property overnight without interferring with the regular daily activities. You can't afford to have contractors hanging around or cleaning up "loose ends" during regular store hours, or worse yet, extending the job beyond your expectations. Mason Pavement Marking is easily capable of re-striping up to 500 parking spaces per hour! With our fleet of high speed striping machines that are specifically manufactured to consistently provide crisp, clean, arrow straight lines with the proper paint thickness, we can completely re-stripe a very large mall parking lot in less time. We can also take care of painting centre lines, stop bars, crosswalks, stencils, light standards, bollards, side walk tapers, curbs and fire lanes.

Ask us about our unique pricing schedule that will save you valuable time by reducing the amount of quoting required. We can taylor a price table for your specific needs that will encompass as many properties as you would like. This system has proven to be successful with our current clients that manage many large properties over a large geographical area. Call Mason Pavement Marking now for more details.