Management Programs-
As a full service contractor, Mason Pavement Marking can manage all aspects of your parking lot maintenance, providing a program that fits your needs, without consuming your valuable time. A typical pavement maintenance program would consist of spring clean-up to remove all sand and debris accumulated over the winter, hot grout sealing of any new cracks that have opened, re-striping of the entire lot, mid-summer sweeping to remove accumulated debris, fall inspection for new cracks and sealing if required, fall inspection of high traffic areas and re-paint if required. We can also install permanent wheel stops and speed bumps or removable ones to make snow clearing easier.


Hospital Pre Bollard Shield

Below is the Hospital after our Bollard Shields are installed.


These high quality, aesthetically pleasing, protective plastic Sureguard Shield bollard covers fit over your existing pipe bollards. This eliminates the need for repeated scraping and painting which can be costly and time consuming. The molded material contains both ultraviolet and antistatic additives. The Sureguard Bollard Shield is chemically resistant, durable and can withstand the extreme Canadian climate. Each Sureguard Bollard Shield comes with two ¾” highly reflective stripes in various colours. They are available in 42”, 52", 60", and 72” high models.