Mason Pavement Marking has striven to build and maintain working relationships with many reputable companies. These long standing relationships keep our company informed with the latest innovations surrounding the divisions of durable markings, permanent markings, highway striping, parking lot striping, airport striping, and line removals. By using the latest technology we can provide the most reliable and durable product for each application, helping our customers benefit with a longer lasting material.
  Pavement maintenance contractors are not the only people who understand the importance of an aesthetically pleasing parking lot. Property managers, business people and visiting customers, homeowners, and the general public know it as well.

However, it is usually only the contractor who understands that the best way to maintain a parking lot is with a pavement maintenance plan. Pavement maintenance plans can vary in scope but they never vary in purpose, to increase pavement life.

A pavement maintenance plan usually includes cracksealing, pothole repair, and sealcoating.